Gemini Partners

Gemini has chosen to partner with some of the leading companies in the world to help us in our quest to deliver the very highest standards of repair and service to our customers.

Those we have chosen include:


ThatchamnetProviding a high tech solution to understanding the complexities and repair methods of modern vehicles is the role of Thatchamnet- the internet arm of the UK based motor research institute. Renowned for their close relationships with motor manufacturers and funded by the insurance community Thatcham is the guardian of professional standards and the safe repair of damaged vehicles.

Every Gemini branch is linked online to the truly massive and comprehensive database maintained and constantly updated by Thatcham which means that our technicians we can keep fully abreast of all the latest technical repair methods.


AudatexAudatex, part of Solera Inc., is the only global claims solutions provider serving the automotive industry. Active across six continents, the company operates at the heart of the motor claims supply chain, providing the systems and the data upon which to base damage repair estimates and ensure efficient communication and management of claims.

Here at Gemini we continue to work with insurers and Audatex who are seeking to develop new methods of transparency, honesty and integrity in all aspects of estimating and we are proud to be associated with this leading edge technology supplier.


GlasuritGlasurit®, a brand of BASF, is a powerful name in automotive coatings and synonymous with quality, efficiency and success. This is why Glasurit is our chosen partner for the refinish of our customer vehicles. Our customers benefit from Glasurit being approved by over 48 carmakers alone, guaranteeing that their vehicle will undergo top-quality refinishing using warranty approved products.

Gemini uses the Glasurit waterborne technology called 90 Line, which is environmentally friendly and meets the stringent requirements of automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer coatings across the globe.