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Imagine what we can do

Imagine what we can do

Are you looking for an automotive repairer to fix your vehicle or manage repairs for your fleet? The Gemini Group is a world class repair organisation simplifying a complex business. Imagine what we can do.

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Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards' Trades, Professions and Services Award for May 2014!

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards' Trades, Professions and Services Award for May 2014!

Well done to the Gemini Team for winning the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards' Trades, Professions and Services Award for May 2014!











Here at Gemini Accident Repair Centres we take customer service seriously.

Here at Gemini Accident Repair Centres we take customer service seriously.

Here at Gemini Accident Repair Centres we take customer service seriously. We are constantly reviewing ways in which to ask our customers what they think of our service & we appreciate their comments whether good or bad to help us make things even better.
At the end of every vehicle repair we can email or SMS a short survey which takes less than 1 minute to complete asking to rate us out of 10.
Since the start of April we have already received back over 400 completed surveys.
The data we get back is processed instantly on our web servers to give our management team an up to the minute view of how our customers are feeling.
For example our “Word Cloud” showing the most commonly used words our clients use to describe us is pictured here with the largest words having been mentioned the most.
If you have your vehicle repaired with Gemini please share your thoughts & views with us via our survey.


Gemini strengthens WA commitment

In an effort to offer an even better service to its rapidly growing customer base, the Gemini Group has added three more sites in the Western Australian market. It’s another exciting step in terms of growth for the dynamic, national collision repair brand. This latest acquisition saw the Gemini Group purchase the assets of three existing bodyshops from the Platinum Collision Repair Centre organisation – bringing the WA total of Gemini sites to nine and the nation-wide total to 32 and still growing!

Strategically located in the Perth suburbs of Osborne Park, Wangara and Midvale, the trio of sites are currently being given a ‘Gemini makeover’. This investment will bring them into line with the company’s industry leading standards of facilities, equipment, best practice processes and environmental sustainability procedures which have been a key success factor for Gemini.

Many people will be aware of the struggles the Platinum Collision Repair Centre business has been through so one of the most satisfying aspects of the acquisition is that it secures the future of staff at these sites. Gemini is seen as a family oriented business and our dedicated crew is regarded as an integral part of our continuous growth so the new staff will be very much welcomed on-board the ‘green team’. As part of the Gemini crew, these new members will get access to the full range of staff benefits, including great working conditions, the ability to raise their skill level via training programs, a defined career path within the company and the unique advantages of the Gemini Staff Loyalty Program.

Gemini has become an innovator in the local market thanks to its highly successful strategy of offering work providers a fresh option. While these three WA sites make a welcome addition to the group, Gemini continues to keeps an eye out for further market opportunities.

Green is not just the colour of our buildings.....It's the colour of our business!

Green is not just the colour of our buildings.....It's the colour of our business!

1. Compliance
All Gemini sites comply with and where possible exceed all Commonwealth, State and Local Government legislation. We monitor our emissions through the use of low VOC waterborne paint. At Gemini, we ensure that we only use products that would be compliant with any global legislation.

2. Investment
By introducing global leading technology to the Australian market; Gemini only purchases equipment that can guarantee a reduction in energy usage compared to conventional equipment.

3. Process
Gemini’s innovative repair process ensures all vehicles pass through the workshop utilising minimum resources drawing maximum efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint.

4. Recycling
Our recycling policy ensures that we minimise the volume of waste going to landfill. Whether it is parts that can’t be repaired, consumables from the workshop or office waste – Gemini disposes of all forms of waste in a responsible manner.

5. Community
From the members of our G1 pit crew to our leadership group, we aim to deliver the experience that the green team brand promises. Along with the creation of secure sustainable employment in both metro and regional areas, we support a variety of charities and good causes along with supporting local sports clubs and schools in all regions.

Gemini crafts its way in southern Perth

Gemini crafts its way in southern Perth

We are pleased to announce the first of many exciting news events for Gemini for this year.

We have completed 2 acquisitions in Perth – Port Kennedy (45 minutes south of Perth CBD), and Cockburn (20 minutes south of Perth CBD)

The shops were operated and owned by Ashley Jardine, under the Car Craft group.

Gemini will be working with Ashley during the transition and we will operate the businesses as “Gemini Port Kennedy” and “Gemini Cockburn”.

Have a look at Facebook for our green additions!!

We are excited about our Perth expansion plans and we welcome these 2 shops into our Gemini family.


Andrew Hopkins
Managing Director

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all the Team at Gemini Accident Repair Centres. Have a safe & happy holiday and see you in the New Year. Get over to our Facebook page for a chance to win a $100 Gift Voucher & to see our Christmas trading hours.

First Impressions Count…Giving Your Vehicle the ‘Showroom’ Look

First Impressions Count…Giving Your Vehicle the ‘Showroom’ Look

When it comes to the human body, you need to put certain things into it to ensure it runs properly. It requires constant maintenance, care and also sometimes you need to see a specialist.

Failure to look after your body may result in health complications causing you pain and discomfort.

Your vehicle is no different

It requires fuel, oil, water and many other things to ensure it runs properly. It needs constant maintenance and care by you and your mechanic. Your mechanic can handle the engine and general functions of the vehicle. But your role should be to preserve the ‘showroom’ finish.

Would you rather your car look shiny and glossy, or dull and faded?

If you’re like most people you’d prefer your car to shine and stand out in the crowd. Keeping your car looking brand new is not as hard as you think. But if you’re not careful, you can damage the paintwork of your car.

If you’ve just had your vehicle repaired, you’ll notice it currently looks shiny. New panels have been fitted/repaired and painted. It’s been buffed and returned to you with the ‘showroom’ finish.

What you do next is critical to ensuring you car remains shiny and looking new. Below are some simple steps for you to follow.

- In the first 90 days do not wax or polish the vehicle. This will allow the finish to dry and harden completely. (Do not use silicone-containing waxes or polishes.)

In the first 30 Days

- Do not use a commercial car wash. Stiff brushes or sponges could mark the finish and damage the surface. Wash the vehicle by hand with cool water and a very mild car wash solution. Be sure to use a soft cloth or sponge.

- Wash the vehicle in the shade – never in the sun.

- Do not “dry wipe” the vehicle – always use clean water. Dry wiping could scratch the finish.

- Extreme heat and cold are to be avoided. Keep the vehicle parked in the shade whenever possible.

- Do not drive on gravel roads. Chipping the finish is easily done in the first 30 days.

- Do not park under trees, which drop sap, or near factories with heavy smoke or other industrial fallout. Sap and industrial fallout mark or spot a freshly painted surface.

- Trees are also likely to attract birds. Bird droppings have a high acid content and will damage a freshly painted surface. They should be washed off as soon as possible.

- Do not spill petrol, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or windshield solvent on the new finish. If you do... IMMEDIATELY rinse
off with water. DO NOT WIPE.

Just by following these simple steps you can ensure your car retains it’s shine. The painted surface of your car is like the skin on your body. It requires constant care and maintenance to preserve it.

If you have any questions regarding the care and maintenance of your vehicle, please contact our friendly staff at any of our repair centre’s.

Support our MO's this Movember!!

Support our MO's this Movember!!

Movember is all about bringing back the moustache, having fun and doing it for a serious cause; men's health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. Mo Bros commit to grow a moustache for the 30 days of Movember, and in doing so become walking and talking billboards for the cause. The moustache is our ribbon, the symbol by which we generate conversations, awareness and raise funds for men's health.

Whilst the growing of Mo's is limited to the guys, Mo Sistas play a vital role in the success of Movember by supporting and encouraging the men in their life to get involved, and participating in raising funds and awareness themselves.

Please help us get behind this great cause. So join our team & show us your Mo or make a donation.

Team Name: Gemini Accident Repair Centres

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What to do if you have an accident

What to do if you have an accident

What to do if you have an accident


If you’re like most people then you would’ve been involved in an accident at some stage of your life. It may have been minor vehicle damage such as a small dent and panel damage. Or maybe it was major vehicle damage requiring your vehicle to be towed.


Either way, if there is one thing we as drivers all have in common it’s this…


We Don’t Like Accidents


Not only do we lose time and money if we’re involved in an accident, but there is also the risk of injury. And sometimes this can be quite serious.


But if you’re like most drivers today, you’re probably not too sure about what to do if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in an accident. And that’s understandable because let’s be honest…


We all pay our insurance premiums every year but most of us don’t read all the paperwork that comes with it (and this paperwork generally has helpful ‘need to know’ information.)


Knowing this, we have taken the time to write down some simple steps and tips to follow. This will ensure that in the unlikely event of an accident, you will know exactly what to do.


-         Stop the vehicle in a safe location and turn on your hazard lights. Doing this will keep you out of harm’s way and will also warn other drivers.

-         Remove yourself from the Danger Zone

-         Call Emergency Services on 000 if someone is seriously injured

-         Record the time, date and location of the incident as this will be needed in the insurance claim and possible police report

-         Get the details of other driver/s involved in the accident. Get their name, phone number, address, license number etc.

-         Record the other vehicle details such as make, model, rego, damage i.e. Toyota Camry 2001, Red, 106RUT, Rear Bumper

-         Record details about the scene of accident. Was the road wet? Traffic conditions? Visibility? It helps to take photos.

-         Independent witness details are good to have (not from family or friends)


As you can see there is a lot to remember. But these steps are critical to ensuring the process is as ‘hassle free’ as possible. There are a few more things you need to know.


-         If the details of the 3rd party (other driver) are not supplied, you may have to pay an excess even though you may not be at fault.

-         If you see fluid coming from your vehicle or suspect it’s non drivable, then arrange to have it towed.

-         Contact your insurance company and explain what’s happened. They will advise you on the best course of action and arrange any towing if needed. They will also source a reputable repairer to have your vehicle taken to.

-         Report to police if there is damage to property and the owner is not in attendance. Also notify them if anyone has been injured as a result of the accident.


And last but not least, Do NOT admit, deny or negotiate who is at fault. There are many legal factors involved in this process so it’s best to let the experts handle it.


Those are the simple steps to follow if you’re ever in an accident. Rest assured your insurance company is there to help you through the matter. They will ensure you’re taken care of from the day you have your accident to the day you receive your vehicle back from the repairer.


If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our friendly team via the contact page.


Gemini Accident Repair Centres is creating life changing opportunities for its people!

Gemini Accident Repair Centres is creating life changing opportunities for its people!

Gemini Accident Repair Centres is creating life changing opportunities for its people!

"Hi Andy & Tim, Just wanted to email you both to let you know we have received our P.R. Thank you both for the opportunity you gave to Myself and Emmy to start a new life in Australia it means alot. Matt and Emmy"

Congrats on achieving permanent residency Matt & Emmy!

Staff feedback time!

Staff feedback time!

Staff feedback time!

Below is a letter emailed earlier this week to the HR Team from Louis-Philippe our valued Parts Interpreter based at the Gemini Joondalup branch in WA. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Louis.

“Dear Mrs MacCombie,
Regarding the permanent position letter I received; I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work in a really great company with true values. I felt commitment not too long after having started my new position. My center manager Marc Geddes is absolutely awesome in his role, he is certainly the most impressive and competent manager I have seen over the years. Managing with energy and integrity with everybody in the shop, each day he is shaping and leading Gemini Joondalup at his very best. I am very happy and proud to be a part of the team; I am feeling even more like home now.
Kind regards.

If you would like to work for “a really great company with true values” check out our Careers tabs on the Gemini website by clicking the link

Well done Marc Geddes for being “absolutely awesome” in your role!

Visit our website for more info on Marc & the team @ Gemini Joondalup
— at 33 Winton Road, Joondalup Business Park WA 6027.

Suncorp/Paint & Panel Bodyshop of the Year Award for the Qld Region, Best New Shop

Suncorp/Paint & Panel Bodyshop of the Year Award for the Qld Region, Best New Shop

Gemini Tingalpa has just taken out the Suncorp/Paint & Panel Bodyshop of the Year Award for the Qld Region, Best New Shop.

Congratulations to Graham & all the team involved in setting up & operating our Gemini Tingalpa business which opened its doors earlier this year. 

Read all about it in the September/October issue of Paint & Panel magazine. 

Good luck in the Nationals!


Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2013 Winner

Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2013 Winner

Training for the Future

Training for the Future

An influx of a new generation of apprentices in many of our branches is helping to guarantee a bright future for the business, our employees and our customers. The Gemini Apprentice Program is designed to create an expectation of excellence as well as intense training in the technical and customer service skills needed for today’s business environment. As we continue to grow our business we recognise the need to train future generations of home-grown talent and the Apprentice Program will help us to maintain the highest of standards.

Technology Rules!

Technology Rules!

Gemini has expanded its commitment to using the best technology by installation of the latest estimating and assessment software throughout the business. Bringing consistency, accuracy and an ability to work more effectively the technology is already generating benefits for customers by way faster turnaround times and helping to deliver consistent methods of repair.